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How To Write an HTML Hyperlink

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Tajuk: How To Write an HTML Hyperlink
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yper Text Markup Language or HTML is one of the basic programming languages commonly used for building websites. The basic purpose of HTML is to create a set of descriptions for web browsers to read and execute. HTML is a set of tags that is invisible to the eyes of the human browser, but is being read by the Internet browser in order to publish coherent pages.

Discover Hyperlinks. One of the most common uses of HTML is through hyperlinks. Hyperlinks are texts within a document that points to a separate element; this element can be within the same document or a different document. Hyperlinks are commonly used in websites, most especially for sites with massive texts. Hyperlinks are also used for jump-out commands, including sending e-mails.
Know the anatomy of HTML hyperlink. The most common use of HTML is to link it to a web address, or a URL. To spot an HTML hyperlink on a document, the color of the texts is usually different from the rest of the document. In some cases, the hyperlink can also be underlined or in bold font face to create a distinction. When you point your mouse on a hyperlink, you will notice that the icon will change.

Learn the basic commands. As HTML is a series of commands, you need to know the basic commands to use in order to execute an HTML hyperlink. The first command that you need to master is keying in "<a href="; this is the first command to prompt the beginning of a hyperlink. Insert the URL or the address where you wish to point the link to; and close the command with ">"; add the final code "</a> to change the color of the hyperlink. The command <a href> refers to "Anchored Hypertext Reference". Using your HTML editor, key in "<a>Google</a> and try running your commands. You should be able to see the word "Google" on your screen, with a hyperlink that would point you to the website.
Putting it to use. There are several ways wherein you can apply hyperlinks on your website. Once you master the basic commands, you can perform more complicated hyperlinks, allowing you to jump outside of your document or within the document.
Point within the document. If you wish to give an option to go back to the top page, you can insert a hyperlink that commands, <a href="#top">Top of Page</a>. You will see a hyperlinked "Top of Page" on your output.

Point to a new page. If you want to provide references for other websites, you can choose to command a hyperlink to open to a new browser. At times, the idea of clicking on a hyperlink that opens on the same browser can be troublesome. Key in the command "<a href="URL HERE" target="_blank">Visit corporate website</a>". Insert the URL or the address wherein you wish to point your users to.

Modern HTML editors are now equipped with shortcuts that allow you to attach hyperlinks easily. Simply highlight the word or words you wish to attach hyperlinks to and right-click on your mouse. Find the "insert hyperlink" option and type the URL pertaining to the link. Alternatively, you can use your keyboard and press "ctrl+k" to launch the hyperlink tab.

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